Wednesday, June 16, 2010

new moon tonner dolls

A few days ago Tonner Doll Company introduced new line of Twilight dolls - New Moon series. Three characters are available for preorder (shipping planned for September):

Birthday Bella (on Tyler convertible body, with small bust and new face sculpt), dressed in her 18 birthday party dress.

Distand Devotion Edward, much the same as the previous versions, with a bit different hairdo (more Rob Pattinson-like?) and the clothes Edward wore during Bellas Birthday party. I don't care much about the doll but I do want the outfit!

And the last doll is Alice - the doll I really waited for and the one that really disappointed me... the face? Is the promo that bad or don't I remember how Alice looked like in the movie? And what happened to Alice's hair....

All photos are property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDirect website.

Another bad news is that due to the license agreement the dolls are only available to Nort America. I guess they will be available on eBay soon after the release but the prices may be a bit different...

PS. My New Moon Jacob has just arrived... I adore his face, I hate his athletic body. Some more comments and photos - soon.

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