Sunday, January 17, 2010

Edward, Edward & Edward - OOAKs on Ebay

I did some eBay survey today nad found some more Twilight repaints, Edward dolls this time. I have decided to publish all at once, just to show how much they differ. All photos come from active eBay auctions, so you can still bid and win :-)

"Hunry" Edward, enhanced doll by *enchanted*. As the description says - changed hairdo, repainted lips, blushing added and enhanced eyes ane eyebrows. Current price is 79$. Good luck.

The next one - real Vampire. I don't like this doll as an Edward, but I think he's great just as a scary vampire, just got up from his coffin... He's hungry, even if his eyes are not dark black. The doll is repainted by Kmiro whose works can be also seen here.
The auction ends on 19 Jan, 2010, 01:56:30 GMT. Current price is 275$.

And the last one, looks as if he was really suffering, can be bought on this auction for only 249 $. The auction desctiption says nothing about the author...

So... would you invite one of them home?

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  1. tak sobie właśnie wyobrażałam Edwarda, kiedy Jacob mówił o nim, że "ma minę jakby płonął na stosie"-na tym ostatnim zdjęciu