Monday, January 4, 2010

Tonner Twilight dolls - Edward

There are three versions of Edward produced by Tonner Doll so far. First - the 'basic' Edward (LE3000), as portrayed by Robert Pattinson. He is wearing navy blue t-shirt, jeans, shoes with working laces, and grey tailored coat. Catalogue price was 139,9 $, now can be bought from TonnerDirect for 125,99$.

San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Exclusive Edward Cullen was the "hungry", dark - eyed version, limited to 200 pieces, now sold out at Tonner's, sometimes available on ebay.

The newest edition, Amazon Exclusive, is Edward wearing his prom costume - suit (with working buttons and buttonholes), and crisp Oxford shirt, sleek tie, socks, and molded dress shoes. I don't like the hairdo in this version, it's not much like Edward's...
Anyway, this doll can be bought from TonnerDirect for a discount price 89,99$ and just now - from for 39,99$.
The original price was 139,99$.

all photos are TonnerDoll Company promos


  1. Hi!
    I was wonderin' how did you add things to your site ?
    Great site. :)
    Thanks for following

  2. Did you see that Tonner Doll will be doing a preview to its new line on Friday (like tomorrow, January 8), on the web? 5 PM EST, from what I heard from my (doll) dealer.

    The full line will be released on January 29, 2010, after IDEX. But perhaps we will see some new dolls released for New Moon! (I hope so!) :) (I want an Alice doll EVER so badly! I just think she is the cutest.)

  3. CFL - they are part of Amazon Associate Programme - anyone can join.

    Alison - I have missed the online event :-( and unfortunately there in nothing about new Twilight dolls on Tonners website yet... Looking forward...